Aug 10, 2009

New Umi in stock

Just a quick note to let you know that we just received our first shipment of NEW Fall styles from Umi! Lots of chocolates, pinks, raspberries, Olive and Navy that are perfect for Fall. New for this fall, is the Umi Primero collection (Lissy and Ollie shown above). Primero is a line of flexible rubber soled shoes designed for new walkers. They have a super flexible, lightweight rubber sole that wraps up slightly over the toe box to add a touch of non-bulky toe protection to help keep them scuff free. Lots of cute styles for little girls and boys that come in EU sizes 19-22 (US 4-6.5). The last picture shown above is of the Umi Pearl Chocolate from the Pram collection, a soft sole shoe available in EU 16-19 (US 1-4). Umi is one of our favorite brands for stylish, comfortable shoes and they bring a lot of variety to the table. Their shoes are definitely well made and we are impressed with the amount of detail on each one. We love Umi's use of printed leathers to add detail to different styles, whereas most other companies rely solely on embroidering, appliques and cut outs. This is just our first shipment of Umi, we have a ton of more styles and colors coming soon! Click here to shop New Arrivals.

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  1. Wow -- we've not tried Umi shoes yet, but I'm feeling very tempted. :) Also, love the New Arrivals link on your homepage -- is that a new link, or was I totally blind before? It's great to see what's new "at a glance." I just clicked on it and OH my word, has everyone seen the pediped couture shoes?! I gasped out loud they were so cute. And pediped hairbows?! What a fantastic idea! ~Nikki