Aug 9, 2009

First Tester Weighs In

One of our 6 Parent Testers recently received the 3 new-for-fall products shown to the left. She sent us this to post as her first impression:

Name: Rasa
Child: Girl, 22 months, size 6
Products Tested:
-Umi Primero Lissy Chocolate Heart Print/Pink size 22
-See Kai Run Sadie size 6
-SmartWool Saturnsphere Deep Purple 2T-3T

I just wanted to let you know that we got the shoes and socks, thank you!!! Last winter my daughter had a pair of Umi boots that were the absolute best so I was super psyched to hear you were sending some her way! I also, am a huge fan of smartwool so that was a fantastic surprise too!Okay, so here are my initial impressions of the shoes and I'll write a more detailed review when she's had some more use with them.

Umi: When I took them out of the box I was a little hesitant about the pink hearts, but the style was really great. I love the Mary Jane look and the rubber soles on the front made perfect sense, my girl is always scuffing the tips of her shoes from running and these rubber fronts seem like such a good idea! She immediately wanted to try them on and check herself out in the mirror. They fit true to size, a 6.5, so she definitely has some growing room, but not so much that she is clumsy in them. I love the way the uppers really fit snug to her foot, other Mary Jane type styles bunch out on her sometimes. They seem to have a great grip and she said they were very comfortable. She wouldn't take them off for ages! And I when they are on, I even like the pink heart pattern, not too girly. So far, these are real winners!!! They also feel like really good quality (although they smelled a little funny coming out of the box, just an FYI)

See Kai Run: I love the red and had seen these on your website, so I was really psyched to get them! They actually fit like her size 6 See Kai Run sandals, not any bigger. So I wouldn't really say they are a 6.5-like size (although I personally think this brand tends to run a bit big anyway). I think she probably needs to get used to the stitched over lip because she is pretty clumsy in them. The poor thing keeps tripping and falling! I think her toe is catching the floor when she runs in them. They look GREAT, they fit really nicely, and we'll see if she gets used to the new style and stops tripping.

Thanks Rasa!


  1. Love the review, never noticed those Umi's, they are way cute! Glad I got to see them! Plus I was already eyeing those Exact See Kai Run Shoes among some other ones. Still on the fence on those. By the way, who were the last winners? They were never posted on the blog?

  2. I had trouble with the hand stitched SKR shoes too. My son was always tripping on the lip, and actually took a really bad fall on the sidewalk with them (I think the style was called Jake - it was a number of years ago!) I almost wrote off the brand altogether, but in the end just decided to not buy any of their styles with the hand stitched soles instead.

  3. Thanks for the great review. I'll keep these comments in mind if I ever decide to buy SKR. My daughter had a couple of Umi shoes last winter at 6-12 months and I thought they were the cutest shoes.

    If you have Facebook the last two winners were posted on there.