Mar 19, 2016

Tea's Taste of Italy: Pizza Craft

The Home of Pizza

Italy is home to modern day pizza...
The pizzas we know and love evolved from flatbread dishes that were popular in Naples hundreds of years ago. These early flatbread "pizzas" were topped with many of the same ingredients that are still popular today – garlic, cheese, basil, and more. In 1830, the Antica Pizzeria Port' Alba in Naples became the first true pizzeria, allowing you to order a custom pie with your choice of toppings. Click here to download a delicious pizza activity sheet for your little one to build their own custom pizza loaded with their favorite toppings!

Mar 14, 2016

Spring Greens by KEEN

From shaggy green grass to the soft pink petals of trees in bloom, signs of Spring are popping up all over! This Spring, KEEN Kids has a fresh new crop of colors and styles to match the new sunny weather. Click here to see all the new arrivals from KEEN and many more!

Mar 12, 2016

Tea's Taste of Italy: Pasta & Sauce

All About Pasta

Past comes in all shapes and sizes, from itty-bitty bowties (also known as farfalle) to long, fat strands of spaghetti. In fact, there are around 350 different types of pasta! Generally pasta types are organized into five categories: long, tubes, soup, stuffed, and special shapes, each category is used in different types of dishes. For example, some cooks say that thin sauces should be served with thin pastas like angel hair, and thicker sauces require heavier pastas like spaghetti.

A Family Recipe

Every family has at least one recipe that has been passed down and perfected through generations. It's the whole family's favorite meal... just the smell of it brings back memories, and the first bite always feels like home. For Stella, that dish is her Nonna's Pasta Sauce.

Stella, her mom, dad, and brother traveled to Italy to learn more about their heritage and meet their extended family. While they were there, Nonna made her famous sauce with Stella, and shared the secret recipe with us. Click here for Nonna's Pasta Sauce recipe.

Mar 5, 2016

Tea's Italian Inspiration: Venetian Mask Craft

Venetian Masks

Dating back centuries, Venetian masks were traditionally worn during the Carnival of Venice. It started as a way for partygoers to hide their identity and interact with each other without the boundaries of social conventions.

Characterized by ornate designs with bright colors, there are many types of Venetian masks, including those that cover the whole face or just part of it. The design and decorations are up to the wearer, and make every mask one-of-a-kind. Click here to make your own one-of-a-kind mask!

Mar 4, 2016

New Arrivals: KEEN

Shoes built for adventure! 
Explore your world with rugged and stylish shoes from KEEN! If you have ever tried a pair of KEEN shoes, then you know how they are super comfortable right out of the box. KEEN Kids shoes feature the same comfort, fit, and durability as their famous adult counterparts. Like all KEEN shoes, KEEN Kids shoes are proudly built in the USA with the finest sourced materials. Keen has wowed us yet again with a mix of new designs, colors, and materials! Check out the newest styles from KEEN Kids Spring Collection.

KEEN Encanto Sneaker (Top)

An adjustable strap tops this cute canvas sneaker, softened up with padding around the top and in the tongue. Crisscross accents add an extra pop of color, and an innovative probiotic treatment provides natural odor control. Available for boys and girls in sizes 4-13.

KEEN Joey (Middle)

Bright laces top a lightweight suede and mesh sneaker. Toggles tuck away the laces, and a strap at the instep lets you adjust the fit. Natural odor control is bonded to the fabric for long-lasting freshness. Available for boys and girls in sizes 8-6Y.

KEEN Komodo Dragon (Bottom)

This sporty sneaker is ready to go, with a breathable, lightweight upper and colorful, easy-adjust straps. All-natural odor control keeps it fresh in an environmentally friendly way. Available in Red or Green in sizes 8-6Y.

With fun new styles and vibrant new colors, you are sure to find the perfect shoes for your little one's outdoor adventures! Click here to see all our shoes from KEEN!

Mar 3, 2016

Meet No Slippy Hair Clippy

There is nothing sweeter than a tiny baby girl with a sweet little bow in her hair! 

Meet No Slippy Hair Clippy. Let us tell you why we love these adorable little clips and why you will too!

In 2000, No Slippy Hair Clippy created the world’s first no-slip hair clip and a legend in hair accessories for babies and girls was born. 

These boutique quality hair clips start with a custom, high quality metal alligator (pinch) clip that has a strong, tight clasp, for the best holding power. Using a non-toxic, child-safe glue, they then hand-wrap each clip with an expensive plush velvet, imported from Switzerland. This velvet provides for an even greater hold in fine hair. It also means that the part which touches the child’s head is no longer metal….instead, it’s velvety-soft, and ouch-free.  In fact, our clips are so soft and easy to put on, that even the wiggliest little ladies don’t realize they’re wearing them!

This award-winning line of no-slip clips and accessories continues to be made exclusively in the USA. This allows for an unprecedented quality control and an assurance that you will love the construction of your clip. Add this the cutest custom bows and designs, and you’ve got the finest no-slip hair clips in the world!

This Spring our favorite new designs are the whimsical "Seraphina" Mermaid, Octopus, and Whale clips. New Spring designs also include Avery Pink Dragonfly, Emma Fairy, Hannah Dancer in Pink and Lavender, plus the Winnie Penguin and Bunny join the crew just in time for Easter! 

Add a splash of color and cuteness with hair accessories from No Slippy Hair Clippy! Shop the entire collection here!

Mar 2, 2016

Tour Italy with Tea Collection - No passport required!

See Italy as you've never seen it before - through a totally Tea perspective. 

The magic and mystery of Italy is undeniable. It's a place where you can easily lose yourself - in meandering vineyards, cobblestoned piazzas, echoing canals. From the towering snow-peaked Alps in the north to the sun-soaked cliffs of the Mediterranean coast to the bustling cities where ancient crumbling ruins are at home alongside sleek modern design, this country captures heart and imagination alike. This spring, we celebrate the arrival of warmer days and spring festivities with a collection of twirly dresses, bold graphics and adorable rompers that owe their inspiration to the gilded canals of Venice and the blooming gardens of Rome. 

A whole new world! With new Italian-inspired prints and patterns, every style is deigned especially for your littlest citizens. New casual looks with retro flavor and easy styling are made for all their adventures. Fly over to see all the new designs available now at TinySoles!