Mar 12, 2016

Tea's Taste of Italy: Pasta & Sauce

All About Pasta

Past comes in all shapes and sizes, from itty-bitty bowties (also known as farfalle) to long, fat strands of spaghetti. In fact, there are around 350 different types of pasta! Generally pasta types are organized into five categories: long, tubes, soup, stuffed, and special shapes, each category is used in different types of dishes. For example, some cooks say that thin sauces should be served with thin pastas like angel hair, and thicker sauces require heavier pastas like spaghetti.

A Family Recipe

Every family has at least one recipe that has been passed down and perfected through generations. It's the whole family's favorite meal... just the smell of it brings back memories, and the first bite always feels like home. For Stella, that dish is her Nonna's Pasta Sauce.

Stella, her mom, dad, and brother traveled to Italy to learn more about their heritage and meet their extended family. While they were there, Nonna made her famous sauce with Stella, and shared the secret recipe with us. Click here for Nonna's Pasta Sauce recipe.

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