Jul 10, 2009

Testers Needed

Do you blog, have kids that play hard or just like free stuff? Then we’re looking for you. Did we get your attention? As fans of TinySoles, you know that the backbone of what makes TinySoles the BEST place to buy kids shoes is that we know our stuff. That’s right, we hand pick everything we sell and we kid test it, parent approve it. No corporate buyers looking for the latest fashions here, just parents looking for the best products for their kids’ period. We were the FIRST shoe store to specialize in baby, toddler and kids shoes and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of little feet. Our specialty and hands on experience approach allows us to stand behind EVERYTHING we sell and offer you the BEST customer service possible.

Ahem, with that said, we have found ourselves in a pickle. We have hundreds of brand NEW fabulous products arriving at TinySoles over the next couple of months (this should be our best season yet!) and only SO many little feet to test them out. And believe me we try hard, our kids could rival Imelda any day! So we are looking for some little feet to help us out. What’s that mean for you? Some FREE brand new, hot sizzling fall product!!! And here’s how to get your hands on some:

All you have to do is go to tinysoles.com and leave a product review for any and all products you have ever personally used that are sold at TinySoles. It doesn’t even matter if you didn’t buy it from us! The more you review, the better your chance. We and all future shoppers are relying on your honest review of the product including but not limited to fit tips, quality, age/stage appropriateness, and uses that you may have never thought of if you hadn’t seen it! We encourage the good, bad and even the ugly, but PG rated of course. Then come back here and post a comment or email marketing@tinysoles.com letting us know your reviewer name, all the products you left a review for, your kid/s genders and shoe sizes. You can post all at once or as many times as you need to over the next 3 weeks. Caution – if you are logged into your TinySoles account while leaving a review it WILL publish your email with the review. You do not need to be logged into or have a TinySoles account to leave a review.

We will read all the reviews weekly and pick out our fave 2 every Friday for the next 3 weeks (7/17, 7/24, 7/31). We will then send those 6 lucky reviewers FREE brand spankin’ new Fall product to love and abuse. And you're gonna want in on this, coz there's some great stuff coming! If you’re selected as a reviewer, then we ask that once you’ve gotten a good feel for the product, you write a review for it that we can share on our BLOG with all our shoe lovin' fans. You get free product, we get real product knowledge. The circle is complete. Happy reviewing!


  1. I posted as Jessica McVey for Pediped Collin. My child's gender is boy and size 7 shoe.

  2. I posted as vanmansgirl for Pediped Isabella choc. grown. Kids: boy (3-6 mos), girl size 7.

  3. I posted as "My Girl Loves Shoes" for:
    Pediped Giselle
    Pediped Abigail
    Keen Venice Crocus
    See Kai Run Jayce
    Pediped Flex Nicky
    Smart Wool Baby Amigo

    eric_danielle at netzero dot com

    Kids: Girl Size 8
    Boy Size 0-6 months

  4. Reviewed as Naomi

    See Kai Run Grayson
    Eleven Nora, Laura, Anya
    Hatley Alien Rain Boots
    Jack and Lily My Boot Brown
    Robeez Baby Blue Dinos, Monkey Red
    Smaller Sasha

    My daughter, Roo, wears a 12 and my son, Jasper, wears an 8.

  5. Reviewed as Liz

    Kamik Tickle Plum Toddler
    Keen Raleigh Azalea Pink Infants
    Klean Kanteen 12oz Sippy Stainless
    Pediped Abigail Mauver
    Pediped Madeline Choc Brown Pink
    Smartwool Kids Wall Flower Leaf Heather
    Smartwool Kids Wall Flower Petal Heather

    Kids: Boy (3-6 mos), Girl (sz 7)

  6. My reviewer name is Crystal McNutt.
    I reviewed Robeez Classic Sandal in Brown, Robeez Mini Shoez Leisure Brown,
    Robeez Guitar Pastel Blue soft sole shoes, and Smaller by See Kai Run in Gavin.

    I have a son who is 15 months and is wearing a size 6.

  7. I posted under Francesca

    I left reviews for:

    Eleven - Anya and Orlando
    Pedipeds - Caroline Navy and Zoe Metallic Pink
    See Kai Run - Stella


  8. Oops... forgot my kids!!!

    A daughter who is 2 1/2 and wears a size 9!
    A daughter who is 4 months and wears 0-6 months!

  9. posted review under Lindsey for:
    Pediped: Lola, Hannah
    Smaller SKR: Kadence, Nancy

    I have a daughter that is 19 months and wears size 5, or 12-18 months in pediped, skr, and Rileyroos.

  10. Left Reviews under islandrogue for:
    Pediped Isabella White
    Pediped Janine Chocolate Brown
    Pediped Flex taylor Choc Brown
    Pediped Flex Jackie Fuchsia
    Hatley Apple Rain Boots
    Keen Coronado Azalea Pink

    Daughter currntly wears size 18-24 or 6 depending on shoe.

  11. I posted as SAK429, and left reviews for:

    Pediped Olivia
    Pediped Anya
    Pediped Kyle
    Teva Logan

    My daughter is 9mos, and wears a 3.
    stephanieakoch at hotmail dot com

  12. I posted as Amy for the following reviews:
    Keen Newport H2 Camo Kids
    Keen Newport H2 Navy Infant
    Pedoodles Sweet Lady Janes

    I posted as Amy C. for Pediped Flex Giselle Chocolate Brown.

    My son wears a size 10 and my daughter wears a 7.5-8.

  13. Hello,
    What a great idea! I have told many friends about your site and we have all had amazing customer service. I think asking real people for their reviews is awesome. I reviewed 8 pairs under "jendaisy", they are:

    pediped: ethan camo, jake light brown, josh light brown/brown/light blue, kyle white/navy, tyler brown

    riley roos: dakota ocean sandal, sportie tiger
    see kai run: jayce

    Thanks again for everything you do to make buying shoes for our little ones easier!

  14. i posted on the following so far.

    Hatley Strawberry Picnic Rain Boots
    Hatley Wild Pirates Rain Boots
    BabyLegs Black Ribbed

    cheerket03 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. I posted review under Pediped, Lily 12-18 months.

    My daughter is almost a year and a half and will be wearing size 6 very soon.

    Thank you,
    Stacy Udo

  16. I left reviews for:
    Pediped Isabella
    See Kai Run Sofia
    Robeez Delicate Flower Bubblegum Pink
    I used the name NicoleS. My older daughter wears an 8, and the baby wears a 5, but will probably wear a 6 this fall. Thanks for the great contest! nicolestuart at cox dot net

  17. I posted reviews for Pediped: abigail pink, grace brown with polka dots, isabella white, madeline chocolate brown and pink, olivia white, and zoe metallic. I also posted a review for pediflex natasha black patent and a pair of robeez. I used the name Ashley R. My son is turning 4 and wears a 9 and my daughter is turning two and is wearing a 7 or soon 8 depending on the shoe. Thanks for the great customer service and all the great contests you guys do!! aroldanplus2 (at) yahoo (dot)com

  18. I posted as Ben's mom and left reviews for Pediped Harvey Brown and Pediped Josh Navy/White/Blue. My son is 14 month and wears a size 4/5 or 12-18 months!

  19. I posted as Amy for Keen Truckee Kids Black Olive.
    My son wears a size 10 and my daughter wears a 7.5-8.