Jun 28, 2009

Last chance for Keen

We just received our last shipment of KEEN sandals for summer. So if you were looking for something that was out of stock, it should NOW be back in stock. They are being snatched up quickly and we are almost out of Venice H2's. So if your still needing KEEN for summer or looking for a great water shoe, this may be your last chance! Click here to shop KEEN now.


  1. Help, please with sizing of KEEN: what size should I choose for 18 cm foot?

  2. Julia,
    My boys each went up a full size for the Keen sandals. One wears a size 7 See Kai Run and the 8 Keen fits. The other wears a size 10 Eleven and 11 Keen fits. They are 2 1/2 and 4 years old. I hope that helps.