Sep 6, 2009

Klean Kanteen

We just received a NEW shipment of Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles and with it came this bold new RED color! For those of you looking to grow your sippy bottles into a fully fledged big kid bottle, TinySoles now carries the Sports Cap 2.0. The sports cap is a high flow pop top that is compatible with all Klean Kanteen bottles. It features a quick attachment loop for connecting your Klean Kanteen to anything imaginable. We also picked up 3 NEW colored Thirsty Totes by Built NY. They keep your bottle insulated, help little fingers to grip the bottle better and add a little extra protection against drops. Snap the tote's grab loop over the top and you've got a comfy handle and the perfect way to hang your bottle from strollers, car seats, diaper bags, or whatever else is handy. Plus the Tote is not just limited to Klean Kanteen, it will fit all kinds of bottles and sippy's.

For those of you heading Back-to-School (or already have), the Klean Kanteen is a must have on your supplies list. You all know about the potential health concerns of BPA in plastics and there are not many schools that allow glass. Klean Kanteen bottles are made from 100% recyclable, high-quality, food-grade stainless steel so it doesn't need a special lining like some other metal bottles. It's completely BPA-free and won't leach chemicals, toxins, or funky flavors into your child's water or juice. The 12oz Klean Kanteen Sippy comes with a specially designed BPA free adaptor and 2 Avent sippy spouts made of pp#5 that are also non-leaching and toxin-free. It's designed for small hands, making it easy to hold. And the large-mouth makes it easy to clean too - just scrub it out with soap and water, or toss it in the dishwasher. Another bonus to the Avent top is that I have even swapped it out with an Avent bottle top (nipple) and it worked well!

Going stainless isn't just a health issue, its also a major environmentally friendly choice. Klean Kanteens are the stainless steel alternative to plastic bottles. Plastics in landfills and oceans are one of the most alarming of today's environmental stories. I recently read an article about a "plastic island" floating in the north Pacific Ocean (north of Hawaii) known as the Pacific Gyre that is estimated to be twice the size of Texas. The article mentioned one of the big contributor's to this plastic mess was plastic bottles. That was enough for me to get our whole family on Klean Kanteens and trying to make more "sustainable, less waste" choices.

But do they leak? We have kid tested a bazillion of the 12oz sippy's and we promise you that we have NEVER had one leak outside of bad installation (which is easily fixed!). 2 of our 3 known leakage cases were because they did not have the silicone gasket installed on the bottom of the Avent sippy top. Once they popped it on, their leakage issues were solved. With our 3rd case we had the defective bottle returned to us and we could not get it to leak no matter how hard we shook it (and believe me, we tried!)? The top is not hard to put together, but if you have any leakage issues from it try these steps. Make sure the silicone gasket is ON the Avent top. When installing the top make sure you push the green piece through the top ring so that it "pops" tightly into place. If this isn't pushed all the way in it can leak but it is usually of the slow dripping kind. Also check the adaptor top is aligned correctly when screwed together. If you aren't aware, we stand behind everything we sell 100%. So if you ever have an issue, please contact us right away and we will take care of you.

You may not have expected to find Klean Kanteen at TinySoles, but as parents it is one of our favorite products for our children. So we thought it was only natural that our customers would want them too. Check out all 6 fun colors!

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