Jun 3, 2015

Product Spotlight: See Kai Run

Meet the See Kai Run family...

See Kai Run® is the idea of Seattle mom, Cause Haun. In 2004, she was on a quest for the perfect first shoe for her son, Kai. Unable to find fun, sophisticated styles that promoted healthy little feet, she created her own. Eleven years later See Kai Run is a dedicated group of people passionate about healthy footwear for kids. They have the experience and footwear knowledge to ensure that every style they produce features the best materials and construction for kids of all ages.

Launched in 2008, Smaller by See Kai Run is a line of soft-soled baby shoes with bold, hip designs that are anything but ordinary. Made from soft leather that protects and supports, Smaller encourages natural movement and foot development. Flexible suede soles allow tiny feet to move, grip and feel the floor and non-slip rubber pads provide traction ideal for crawling and cruising. These stylish, hand-crafted shoes have made See Kai Run the brand parents crave for their little ones.

The original See Kai Run shoes are a line of foot friendly shoes designed for new walkers. Available in kids sizes 3-9, See Kai Run provide the perfect combination of protection and flexibility and come in fun, sophisticated styles that are durable for outdoor play. See Kai Run promote healthy development of little feet with their flexible rubber soles that encourage maximum movement, enhancing balance and muscle development. A wide, soft toe box gives room for toes to move and allows the foot to flex naturally. With a wide opening and toe box, See Kai Run shoes can accommodate even the chubbiest little feet.

It's time to take the next step with Kai by See Kai Run - modern footwear for post-toddlers and school aged kids. In 2011 SKR created a line especially for big kids, Kai shoes feature durable uppers combined with sturdy and flexible rubber soles that support a natural stride. A breathable lining and cushioned insole keep it comfy for kids on the go and kids will love the modern, unmatched style of Kai shoes.
From left: Smaller By See Kai Run Debbie Lavender, See Kai Run Ryan II Blue, Kai by See Kai Run Italya Blue
See Kai Run has continued to create new styles of shoes to meet the demands of active little feet including sneakers and washable styles. Built to play and built to last, you are sure to find function and fashion in the SKR family of shoes and accessories!

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