May 26, 2015

Tips for Buying Baby's First Shoes

For the first year, the best shoes are no shoes. But let's be realistic, what doting new parent (auntie, grandpa, or bestie) doesn't want to see that little one in adorable tiny shoes?! So how do you choose the best for those little tootsies? Let us break it down for you, offer our insight and suggestions...

When learning to cruise or walk, feeling the ground beneath her feet will help your baby learn to balance. You'll want to choose shoes that mimic being barefooted. Also, it's a misbelief that ankle support is needed, when in fact it may hinder your baby's natural range of motion. Pass on the high-tops for now and let his muscles develop and strengthen on their own.

Here are three more things to keep in mind when shopping for shoes:

Flexibility: Baby's first shoes should move with them, through every little twist, turn, and wiggle.

Breathability: Choose shoes made of breathable fabrics and leathers. These allow air to circulate and provide the best flexibility. Avoid plastics! (No matter how cute they are!)

Roominess: New shoes should always allow for growth and wiggles, we usually recommend 1/4 inch  of space or about the size of an adults pinky. This allows for natural movements within the shoe and plenty of growing time to ooh and aah!

At Tiny Soles, we carefully select all of the shoes for quality, fashion and foot health. We have done all the hard work so you can have fun shopping knowing you are choosing the best for your baby! While we love every shoe we carry, here are three of our very favorite brands for the littlest feet...

1. Livie & Luca: Made of buttery soft leather and impeccable craftsmanship. Their comfortable construction allows kids to navigate playgrounds, city streets and dirt pathways with style and ease. Livie and Luca shoes are hand made by Artisans, so every pair is as unique as the child who wears them.

2. Robeez: Robeez is one of the world's leaders in soft-soled leather baby shoes. Recommended by experts and parents, Robeez shoes and booties are meticulously crafted using genuine, breathable leather. Robeez elasticized ankle is designed to keep the shoe in place and move with your child as they crawl, walk and explore.

3. Smaller by SKR: Smaller by See Kai Run is a line of soft-soled baby shoes with bold, hip designs that are anything but ordinary. Made from soft leather that protects and supports, Smaller encourages natural movement and foot development. Flexible suede soles allow tiny feet to move, grip and feel the floor and non-slip rubber pads provide traction ideal for crawling and cruising.

You can see more by visiting where you can shop by category, age, or brand! As always, give us a call if we can help guide your experience!

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