Nov 30, 2012

Best kids bottles period.

Klean Kanteen kids bottles, sippy & baby bottlesOur favorite stainless steel kids bottles have arrived in new colors, with new sippy tops & redesigned sports tops, & in 2 sizes of baby bottles! Plus spend $20 or more and domestic shipping is on us!

We're also loving our Klean Kanteen insulated bottles and have added to some great new colors to their line up. They're perfect for packing your kids a hot lunch and throw on a Cafe Cap and it doubles up as an on-the-go coffee/smoothie mug for mom.

The completely re-designed Sport Cap 3.0 is BPA-free, super durable and the new soft silicone spout makes the cap safe for new teeth. The sport cap's new relief valve has been redesigned for quieter performance, better leak resistance, 25% higher flow rate and (our favorite new feature) no chirping or whistling! The Sport Cap 3.0 is also a great way to grow a sippy into a fully fledged kids bottle.
Klean Kanteen Baby Bottles are made from BPA free, 18/8 food grade stainless steel and are a safe, healthy, toxin-free, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. They allow natural-paced, relaxed feedings and promote proper digestion and development. The 0-6+ month sized 5oz comes with a Slow Flow nipple and the 6+ month sized 9oz comes with a Medium Flow nipple. Available in 3 different flow rates, the medical-grade, silicone nipple is designed to feel more like the real thing. As your baby sucks, the long nipple adjusts, mimicking the way a human breast reshapes during breastfeeding, promoting correct oral development and healthy teeth. The nipple also features a double venting system, helping reduce colic and promoting healthy digestion.
Klean Kanteen kids bottles

Why stainless steel? Besides being reusable, lightweight, and risk free, stainless steel is the material of choice in the brewing, food and wine making industries because it doesn't retain or impart flavors. BPA free Klean Kanteen kids bottles won't leach chemicals, toxins or funky flavors into your child's water or juice. So apple juice tastes like apple juice, nothing more, nothing less. Because stainless steel itself is safe, they don't need to coat the inside of the bottle with a plastic or epoxy lining, like they do with aluminum bottles.

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