May 25, 2011

New Geox shoes!

Check out our new arrivals of Geox kids shoes! We're bounding in new possibilities, with Geox tennies in pink, purple, blue, brown, white, superheros, hearts, light ups & sporty Mary Janes.

Geo who'er what'er?
So here's the scoop on Geox, we like to think of it as the double scoop kind. Geox kids shoes blend creative designs with thoughtful details for toddlers and children. From early walkers to first day of school shoes, Geox kids combine versatility, fun, and a fashionable point of view. Geox combines a revolutionary breathable and waterproof technology with Italian style, offering a unique collection of fashionable and functional footwear for children that breathe.

What makes Geox unique?
The advent of the rubber sole changed the lifestyle of millions of people. Footwear became more comfortable and waterproof. With one defect: rubber doesn't breathe and heat and moisture remain trapped in footwear, giving an uncomfortable feeling of humidity and causing bad odor (aka funk). In the mid 90's Geox solved this shortcoming with a revolutionary, internationally patented system: a micro porous membrane placed on top of a perforated rubber sole that lets heat and humidity escape the shoe but keeps water out. The result: feet are maintained at the right temperature in all seasons.

Why we love 'em:
OK, we've established their unique breathability, but what else makes Geox kids shoes great? Besides being completely fashion friendly (and yes that is important and no it won't diminish your parenting skills by admitting it), Geox kids shoes are super durable, all come with easy on/off Velcro closures and the insole is removable so you can actually check your kids foot for fit without just shoving it in there and praying. Oh, and our kids go nuts over the light up styles!

Its all in the fit:
Geox kids shoes come in Euro sizing not because its fashionable, but because they're from Italy. TinySoles carries a great selection of Geox kids shoes in Euro sizes 21-31 (US 5.5-13). We definitely recommend Geox kids shoes for active little feet that are up and running about. Geox kids shoes fit narrow to wide feet, and will run a half to whole size long on narrow to medium width feet. If your uncertain about the fit on you child, pull the insole out and have them step on it with all their weight. We recommend making sure their is 1/4" in front of the longest toe for room for growth. Remember, you're not in this alone. So if you're still needing more sizing help then call our shoe specialists at 800-338-4071!

And now for the fun part, click here to shop Geox kids shoes.


  1. Most kids are really fond of shoes, especially if they're colorful. This is a sure fit.

  2. Taking a baby or toddler to the store to try on several pairs of shoes isn't always practical and can be uncomfortable for the child. It's much easier to measure children for shoes at home, then use that measurement to find the best-fitting shoe. You can order online, leave the kids at home with your spouse while you browse the shoe store or shorten the shoe-shopping trip by quickly finding the right size for your child to try on.