Oct 27, 2009

Tester #5

Here is the product review from Tester #5 about her first impressions of the new-for-fall TinySoles gear that she received to test out (shown to the left).

Name: Erika
Savannah, age 2 and a bit, size 7
Wyatt, coming soon!

"I wanted to let you know we got the package Monday before last - thank you so so much! Savannah was THRILLED. She kept saying "let's open my present!" and the funniest thing was that she was most enamored with the infant smart wool socks you sent for Wyatt. She was bound and determined to try to get them on her big ole foot, thankfully she gave up and moved onto the shoes instead! My apologies for taking so long to write this - I had every intention of trying to get it out to you before we left on vacation last week but our life was suddenly filled with multiple events that seemed to consume us; the worst was finding out our beloved dog was full of cancer and we had to put her down 2 days before we left town. So anyway...here are my first impressions - sorry for the tardiness.

Hatley Farmer Jill Rain Boots: Savannah admittedly has a bit of a boot fetish so the Hatley boots are by far her favorite. As with all Hatley boots the quality is very good and I like that they are still flexible despite the thick rubber - flexibility is super important to me. The inside is lined in what feels like a knit fabric which I expect will keep Savannah's feet toasty on cold rainy days and well... also on hot sunny days when the child puts on nothing more then her boots and runs naked through the yard (I swear I do not encourage this!). I also like that the print we received (Hatley Farmer Jill) can be viewed asunisex (although Farmer Jack is very cute as well) so we'll get use out of these for both kids. Robeez Tredz Cupcake Party MJ Brown Patent: I am so thrilled that Robeez changed their sizing and that Savannah can wear Robeez again, even if this will be the last season for her as she is rapidly approaching a size 7. When I first looked at the shoe I actually doubted it would fit but upon putting her foot against the sole, it looks like it will but probably not for long. I think the sizing on these may run smaller (maybe by 1/2 size?) then the other brands thatwe usually purchase. The Mary Jane is super cute - these are a bit funky in that the colors all have an irridescent/metallic look to them but it's subtle enough that they can easily be used for dressing up or dressing down. I like that the back of the shoe (the part that surrounds the ankle) features a "gathered elastic" that keeps the shoe on the childs foot but will also "give" if needed and adds an element of protection around ankles to keep blisters/rubbing at bay. They'll also go with a lot of Savannah's outfits this fall - just waiting for the temp to drop to break out all the fall shoes!

Country Kids Socks: Considering that I admittedly go a bit overboard on clothing and shoes for Savannah, socks have not been something I've given much thought too - it's been more like "oh you don't have socks that fit...I'll just grab some from Target" but with the arrival of the country kids socks in our tester box, I've decided I've (or rather Savannah) has been missing out! These come is such great colors and prints. They're super soft and these will fit her for a good long while as I feel they run big. I love the pair we received - the plum/pink colors are going to be perfect for fall. My only wish is that they had "grippy's" on the bottom to keep lil ones from slipping.

SmartWool Baby Bootie Batch Blue Mist Heather/Cobalt: How did I not know about these before!? I've decided that these are the perfect babyshower/new baby gift! I can't wait for Wyatt to arrive so we can test these out but I just know they are going to be perfect. They are so so soft, warm & fuzzy...heck I wish they made them in adult sizes! Savannah was a spring baby so I hadn't given much thought to the fact that I needed to find something to keep my lil guy's feet toasty when he arrives in December - this is the perfect solution! I like that the top of the sock is a bit tighter - they look like they'll definitely stay on which is important and the colors and designs are just too cute. I'll definitely be picking up a few more of these in other colors. Thanks again for all the wonderful goodies - we look forward to reporting on our findings as we break everything in!"

Thank you Erika and Savannah, and we look forward to seeing pictures of Wyatt!


  1. I would love to be considered for a tester position if you please. I am raising a 16 month old grand child that simply adores her shoes but outgrows them more rapidly than they wear, so I would gladly donate them as they are outgrown. With her high arch, and loooonnnnngggg toes, not just any shoe will do either! Doctor's orders! On social security finding the quality of shoe she needs is hard to do with the budget I am on.(pediped, Kai and Stride Right have been some recommendations). Please let me know how to be considered as a tester and I will do my very best to accommodate!
    Thank you,
    Brenda Shults

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