Apr 1, 2009

The BIG shoe hunt

With egg hunts right around the corner, TinySoles has decided to help get you in the spirit by offering a FREE shoe hunt at TinySoles.com. That's right, we are hiding a pair of FREE shoes somewhere on our website and whoever finds them gets them! Every day from now until April 12th we will add a new pair of FREE shoes to the hunt. We will try to offer something in sizes for everyone over the course of the hunt and we will provide you with subtle hints to help you out.

How will you know you've found them? There will only be one FREE pair in a particular size, so you will have to hunt through the size options to find it. You will know you've found it when you select the correct size option and the price changes to "$0.00". Also a yellow/orange blob (real technical, I know) will show on the top right side of the product page that says "Save 100%". Once you find the FREE pair put them in your shopping cart and race to the checkout. If you have over $20 in your cart you will get them with free shipping, otherwise you get a FREE pair of shoes for the price of shipping. Winners will be announced as they occur.

Even if you don't celebrate Easter, FREE shoes are FREE shoes. Happy Hunting!

Hunt List & Hints:
  1. April 1st - Think spring for baby girls (0-12 months). Click here to head in the right direction. Congrats to Jessica from WI. Her speedy hunting skills scored her a free pair of Robeez Circles Pastel Green - and we thought we were going to have to give out more hints :)
  2. April 2nd - You guys did so good at the first one, we are going to give a little less of a hint. Here goes: A first walker that he can take outside. Kizzianne from NY took our hunt challenge and was the first to find the hidden free pair of pediped Kyle White Navy! Watch for tomorrow's clue.
  3. April 3rd - Both winners found their prize within the first hour of the hunt and to top it off we received numerous calls & emails from people who found it before we had a chance to post the winner. Needless to say we are seriously impressed with you all! So today is going to be a little different. We are going to start vague and every hour we will add another hint until it is found. Here goes: A girls shoe Congrats to Shawn from NM who found the pediped Flex Annie Potpourri within 17 minutes of the post! And she had several people right on her heels too - a quick shout out to Jennifer from Canada who missed it by seconds. We had written some cute hints for this shoe too, I guess we will have to use them tomorrow :)
  4. April 4th -Today there are 2 free items. They are related so once you find one the other should be easy to find. It's up to you whether you want one or both. Same format as yesterday - we will add more clues the longer it takes. Although if you watched yesterday you know it didn't take long! :) Here goes: Both are for girls. Clue 2 (first time we've made it this far): Bob Dylan's son sings for this band. Congrats to Elizabeth from MN who hunted down the Wallflower socks by SmartWool. From the responses it looks like a lot of you figured this one out. It is a big prize weekend for Elizabeth as she was also the randomly picked winner of the KEEN sandals! Sorry for the delay in posting this, but we all had to take advantage of a sunny Saturday in WA -rain again tomorrow :(
  5. April 5th - Today's item is ready to be found. We will add more clues the longer it takes. You requested some different hunting times, so watch out for an afternoon and evening hunt. Today's first clue: "Good grief" Congrats to Jennifer from NY who found the pediped Flex "Charlie" black. Kudos to everyone else who solved the hint and found the item right behind her. We were hoping to be able to post some more cute quotes from Charlie Brown!
  6. April 6th - The hunt is on, same format as before. Hopefully this catches some of you during nap time! Here goes: Bring out her fun nature with this item. Almost made it to a second clue! Congrats to Megan from PA who found the Teva Dristi Dusty Rose. For those of you still wondering about the hint - the word Teva actually means "nature". Speaking of Teva we have a large shipment of new sandals and flip flops coming very soon.
  7. April 7th - Get out your flashlight and join our evening hunt! We will add more clues as you need them. Here goes: A dolphin, shark and whale have this in common (besides other things!) Congrats to Alma from CA who found the Smaller by See Kai Run Finn. It looks like quite a few of you found it right after Alma - a quick shout out to Renee who missed it by seconds.
  8. April 8th - Welcome back to the hunt! Today's clue: This item is a must for aventures. Congrats to Jessica from WI for finding the Klean Kanteen Sippy in stainless steel. Jessica is a 2 time hunt winner! And no aventures wasn't a mispell, it was a hint at "avent" which is the sippy top on the Klean Kanteen bottle.
  9. April 9th - Its that time again! Todays first clue: Think ski resort. We made it to a clue 2: It actually shares its name with a ski resort in WY. It is the Keen Targhee and congrats to Elizabeth from NC who found it. Sorry to all of you who found the Targhee only to find no free pair. We were inundated with emails and calls from people who were sure it was the Targhee but couldn't find it, so we checked on the item and discovered we had a glitch in our system and the free pricing wasn't displaying correctly for everyone. And we thought we were just being tricky! We'll make sure we are glitch free tomorrow and thanks for the feedback :)
  10. April 10th - Its an early bird hunt today! Clue 1: White stitching adds detail to this classic. Congrats to Shawn from NM who found the Eleven Alexi - a sweet red mary jane! Shawn is a 2 time hunt winner and found the Alexi in the fastest time yet. No luck yet, don't give up there's still 2 days left!
  11. April 11th - Happy birthday to CanCan of mommostraveled, its been a big birthday week at TinySoles too! Todays clue: Save your pennies for this. Congrats to Susan from VA who found the Rileyroo Quinn Blossom penny loafers! Tomorrow is our last hunt.
  12. April 12th -Happy Easter to everyone and hope you have fun with our final hunt! Today's clue: April fun. Congrats to Shawn from NM who found the Hatley Party Kittens raincoat. It is a super cute raincoat and since Shawn is a 3 time hunt winner, we expect some pictures of your girls in their new gear!!! We would love to see pictures from all our winners. Thank you so much to eveyone who joined the hunt and we had a blast picking the items and trying to trick you guys, although we never were able to! Thanks to everyone who provided feedback along the way and we truly think our FANS are the best! Happy Easter.


  1. What a fun hunt! I would love to win on the 11th, that is my birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Can Can...good luck on finding...

  3. Thank you Tinysoles for so much fun! You guys are the best! I had a great time looking through all of your adorable products.

    Jessica B.