Mar 20, 2009

Please Vote For Us

TinySole's is in the running for the Leading Moms in Business competition and we would appreciate if you could all take a second and vote for us. You don't have to give any information - just press the vote button on the link, thats all! You can vote once a day and voting ends March 31st. Thank you all for your support! CLICK HERE TO VOTE


  1. We love your store and the awesome customer service...happy to support a truly great business run by moms!

  2. My whole family loves tiny soles we will be supporting your business!

    Maria May

  3. I voted today, the last couple days, and plan to vote every day I can remember. You truly are an exceptional business with the best customer service. We feel totally pampered whenever we've ordered from you. Keep it up and thanks for making your customers feel so appreciated!

    Jessica B.

  4. Been voting everyday also. Love supporting your business. Love the great products and customer service! Thanks so much!:)

  5. Still voting everyday, wow..says your on fire on the voting meter! Woo hoo!

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