Jan 4, 2009

SmartWool Giveaway

Our recent wintery weather has reminded us all at TinySoles about our favorite addiction – SmartWool. Last winter we discovered SmartWool made kids versions of our favorite wool socks and accessories, so we tested them out on all the little feet at TinySoles. And as we suspected, they are just as addictive as the adult versions. So this fall, we added the SmartWool Kids collection to TinySoles.

If you aren’t familiar with SmartWool, then you probably have the “old school wool” mind set – warm, itchy and hand wash only. SmartWool isn’t your Grandma’s wool! As the world leader in performance wool products, SmartWool has perfected the no itch, no shrink approach to wool. The primary ingredient to SmartWool's legendary soft feel is New Zealand Merino wool. With its naturally breathable and temperature regulating fibers, SmartWool is the best fiber in the world for cold and warm, wet and dry. It will keep you comfortable in ALL conditions whether you’re out tromping in rain, shine, heat or hail. Plus, you can chuck them in the washer and dryer with the rest of the laundry. Oh yeah - one more reason to give your little one SmartWool: with so many colors and patterns they're as fun as they are comfortable!

Besides basing their business on a completely sustainable, renewable, natural resource, we love the fact that SmartWool has adopted a proactive socially and environmentally based business model. Their philosophy is ”Through smart and sensitive business practices we are excited to continuously do our part to leave the Earth better off than when we arrived; economically, environmentally, and socially.” So you can feel good about wearing SmartWool too.

TinySoles offers an extensive selection of SmartWool socks and accessories for babies, toddlers and kids. SmartWool socks come in various thicknesses from non-cushioned everyday use to extra thick fully cushioned, perfect for layering under snow boots. They also come in a range of lengths from ankle through over-the-calf. You will find specific thickness and length information about each sock in its TinyTips and Features section on TinySoles.com.
Every sock in the collection is adorable, but here are some of our favorite picks:
  • For babies we love the Booties. You can choose from 3 basic colors and 2 striped prints. They come in a 2 pack, are incredibly soft and comfy, and make the perfect shower or newborn gift.
  • For infants/toddlers the Baby Amigo Nuevo is our best seller. It is the perfect thickness for everyday wear, comes in a 2 pack, and due to its stretchy nature will fit for a long time. We have heard that the 12-24 months size has been worn comfortably by a medium width US kids size 8 foot.
  • The Kid sizes have the greatest selection. For function, we love the fully cushioned, extra thick Wintersport sock. It is the perfect layer in winter boots, comes in a cute stripe pattern and will keep them warm all the way over their calves. We also discovered that this sock is the perfect night time sock to combine with footless jammies to keep blanket kickers warm all night long!
Giveaway time. Want a FREE pair of SmartWool socks of your choice? Then be the first person to make a $30 or more purchase at TinySoles and use the coupon code: FREEWOOL at checkout. If you get an invalid code error, then somebody already beat you to it. If you don’t, then you are the lucky recipient of a FREE pair of SmartWool socks. Just let us know in the customer notes section of checkout what style, color and size you want and we will send them along with your order. This freebie is open to everybody in all locations, cannot be combined with any other offer and has the following two rules:
1. Be first
2. Enjoy
Congratulations to Tamie from MA for winning the free pair of SmartWool. We hope you enjoy your Baby Amigo Nuevo's!

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